3 Easy Desserts to Make While on Vacation

A big part of getting away from it all at Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat is finding some peace and quiet along with a big dose of comfort. Our deluxe cabins located near the Big South Fork Recreation Area offer plenty of peace and quiet to unwind from the world. You’ll also find a fully stocked kitchen in order to enjoy comforting food during your stay.

Check out these 3 easy desserts to make while on vacation that are sure to comfort your belly and your taste buds!

making a peach pie while on vacation

1) Peach Pie

There is nothing like enjoying a hot bowl of fresh peach pie out on the porch. Make this delicious dessert simply by bringing just a few ingredients with you from home. Use shortcuts, like pre-made pie crust and canned peaches, to make this pie quick to assemble. Mix in your sugar and spices and you’ll have a decadent pie that will be the perfect ending to a day of hiking. Don’t forget to bring the whipped cream as well!

homemade chocolate chip cookies

2) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every family has their own chocolate chip cookie recipe so bring your favorite along! You could also bring already made chocolate chip cookies to your Laurel Fork cabin but we think that the best way to enjoy them is straight from the oven.

The smell of the cookies baking will improve your experience in the cabin, making your stay even more wonderful! Consider mixing up your cookie dough at home and bringing it raw to the cabin in order to make these chocolate chip cookies super easy. Another option is to just buy some pre-made cookie dough at the store for an easy alternative (Shh!! We won’t tell Grandma!).


3) Banana Pudding

This Southern favorite is a common staple at every family gathering. Make banana pudding easy by using dry pudding mix instead of making your own. Add in some milk, fresh bananas, vanilla wafers and whipped cream and pop it into your cabin’s fridge to set the flavors. Soon you’ll have yourself an easy dessert to enjoy after taking a long, hot soak in one of our cabin’s hot tubs.

Our guests agree that our fully stocked kitchens make their stay easy and comfortable. Consider planning one (or all!) of these desserts for your next trip to Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat!

Which dessert is your favorite?