Benefits of Booking a Last-Minute Retreat

There are times after a particularly stressful work week when you feel the itch to just get out of town. You know that you need to recharge and relax and that trying to do those things at home will probably be a losing battle. Check out these benefits of booking a last-minute retreat:

hiking adventure with coffee mug

It’s An Adventure

Booking a trip at the very last minute feels exciting and spontaneous. It makes you feel like you don’t have a care in the world. It may even feel a little irresponsible, and that’s okay! Making yourself a priority and jumping in the car with a weekend bag is a perfect way to explore the world. The thrill that comes from booking a last-minute trip may just be addicting after you try it a few times!

looking at watch to save yourself time

It Saves Time

When you plan a big vacation that requires a lot of coordination you end up spending a lot of time at home trying to plan each and every step. When you book a trip last minute you don’t have the luxury of time. Decisions have to be made and some things that you want to do may be sold out, which is fine! Booking a last minute trip means that you’ll spend less time worrying about what to do and more time actually enjoying your vacation.


Take advantage of the many outdoor activities at Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area and nearby Pickett State Park or just stay inside and get cozy.

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It Can Help You Relax

Getting away from it all in a quiet and peaceful place like Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat will help in lowering stress levels. Get back to nature in our wonderful cabins that allow you to unplug from the world and enjoy beautiful sunrises, sunsets, streams, hot tubs, and everything else in between. Take care of yourself by booking a last-minute retreat that will help you relax.

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You’ll Use Your Vacation Time

Did you know that over half of American workers don’t use all of their vacation time each year? This means that millions of vacation days are spent at work because we feel that we can’t possibly get away from all of the demands at the office.

Use your vacation time by booking a last-minute, week-long retreat because no one is going to take your vacation time for you. If that seems too long for you, consider starting small and adding an extra day to make a long weekend.

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Do we have you convinced yet? Be spontaneous and see what a last-minute retreat can do for your well-being!