How a Weekend Cabin Getaway Can Help Relieve Stress

A weekend getaway is often just what many guests need in order to relax and recharge after a busy work season. Choosing to spend the weekend in a cabin is a great way to unwind and get away from it all!

Check out these ways that you can relieve stress with a weekend cabin getaway:

walking in the forest

Get Into Nature

Part of the charm of Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat is the location of the cabins within the forest. You may still have neighbors but they will most likely be the feathered or furry kind!

Our cabins offer the peace and quiet that many guests are looking for in getting away from it all. Studies have shown that getting out into nature has many health benefits including lowering levels of stress. Each cabin is tucked away within the forest and offers prime opportunities to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature all year long! Many cabins also have direct access to some of the best hiking trails in the Big South Fork.

man soaking in a cabin hot tub

Enjoy A Long Soak

Many of our cabins include a hot tub on the property which allows guests to take a long soak any time of day! Some guests enjoy relaxing in the hot tub while admiring the bright stars at night. Immersing yourself into warm water has been shown to lower stress levels. Your cabin’s private hot tub is available during the entire length of your stay, so take a soak a few times over the weekend to relieve stress!

turning laptop off for the weekend

Unplug From The World

While most of our cabins do offer wi-fi and cable television, a great way to relieve stress is to make sure that you don’t bring work with you on your vacation. Make an effort to unplug from the stress of work by keeping your phone and computer in the car. You can even choose to turn your phone off in order to enjoy more of your cabin getaway! Choosing to disconnect from the world will help to relieve stress and make your time in the cabin that much more enjoyable.

Choosing a weekend cabin getaway could be all you need to relax and unwind! Which one of these options do you want to do first when you arrive at Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat?