Bronco Overlook: Still Largely Unknown to Visitors of The Big South Fork

When you think of overlooks at the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area a few popular ones come to mind, including East Rim Overlook, Sunset Overlook, Angel Falls Overlook, Devil's Jump Overlook, and O&W Overlook.

Most visitors to the Big South Fork have likely never heard of Bronco Overlook.

What is Big South Fork's Most Unknown Overlook?

Bronco Overlook, also known to locals as Station Camp East Overlook, is an unprotected overlook, meaning no handrails. Instead, you'll find a simple rock suspending over the river gorge with amazing views.

Bronco Overlook Trail has officially become an equestrian trail, making it one of the few overlooks in the national park where you can ride your horse right up to the edge! Below you’ll find more information about this unique, quiet wonder.

Where Is Bronco Overlook Located?

Bronco Overlook is accessible from the Station Camp Trailhead located on Station Camp Road in Scott County, TN (about 30 minutes from Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat). It is a short 1.4 mile hike or horseback ride to the overlook, making it an easy 2.8 mile round trip.


What Can You Expect On The Trail?

The trail runs along Sheep Ridge, which for the most part is fairly level and graveled. However, once the ridge begins to narrow, the elevation change becomes more noticeable as the trail dips and climbs through low spots in the ridge before finally crossing over a small knoll to the edge of the overlook.


Visit Bronco Overlook

Bronco Overlook is one of many local attractions for guests staying at Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat. We're a family owned and operated business offering vacation cabin rentals at the Big South Fork. Check availability for any of our cabins and plan your trip to see Bronco Overlook. Your next vacation awaits!