3 Best Horseback Riding Trails in Scott County

Researching the best horse trails to ride near East Tennessee can take up a lot of time. You’ll end up spending more time on the computer than on the trail. We don’t want that for you.

That’s why we put together this list of best horse trails in Scott County, Tennessee so you can get out and start enjoying the trails sooner. Why Scott County? These trails give you all the same views as the Smokies but with fewer crowds.

Passionate riders in Tennessee know Scott County for its trails located within the Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area. Over 180 miles of trails await you among rich forests, plenty of wildlife, and the peace that only a trail ride can bring.

Put these 3 Scott County trails on your list of places to ride in East Tennessee. We promise, you’ll want to soak up every single moment.

horse eye up close and personal

Big Island Horse Loop Trail

This 16-mile long trail is a favorite among fellow equine enthusiasts. The Big Island Horse Loop Trail is accessible via the Station Camp Equestrian Trailhead. It is an easier trail that ascends almost 1200 feet. You may pass other users on the trail including hikers and mountain bikers so feel free to give a wave! Smaller side trails are also accessible from Big Island Loop trail if you want to add some miles to your day.

looking up at trees while riding a horse

Bandy Creek-Jack’s Ridge Loop

This moderately rated trail is over 7 miles long and is an outstanding option for a nice afternoon ride. The Bandy Creek-Jack’s Ridge Loop Trail only covers about 500 feet in elevation and is a peaceful ride. Enjoy the views of the forest and clear paths great for a horse and rider’s first time out.

camera on rock at overlook

Bandy Creek-Charit Creek Lodge Trail

This 14.6 mile trail actually includes 4 different trails to create a large loop. The Bandy Creek-Charit Creek Lodge Trail also includes Station Camp trail and the Duncan Hollow Horse Trail. Enjoy the wide range of flora and fauna and the peacefully subtle sounds of your horse navigating the trail. You can access the trail via the Bandy Creek Stables or choose to trailer out and ride from one of the many access points. Make sure to pack extra water and proper weather gear for this longer trail with varying elevation and landscapes.

boots on porch at cabin

There is a beautiful trail waiting for you in Scott County, no matter what kind of trail you are looking for. Book a nearby cabin with stables to rest at after you enjoy each day of riding and you (and your horses) will relish this deluxe horseback riding experience.

Which trails do you think are the best for horseback riding in Scott County?