6 Ways To Make Your Company Retreat More Productive

A company retreat is a great way to get your whole team out of the office and into a new environment in order to refresh, strategize, and re-inspire passion back into your employees and their work. These meetings are designed to help employees take a step back from their normal work priorities and allow space for discussion of new ideas, strategic planning, team building, and even some relaxing!

We know businesses want to get the most out of their company retreats so we put together these 6 Ways to Make Your Company Retreat More Productive:


1) Do team building activities

Team building activities can be a great way to teach your team ways to work together and accomplish something in a positive and fun environment. Try including a canoe trip or whitewater rafting trip on your company retreat. Navigating a river is an excellent team building activity and a great way to make some fun memories!


2) Make Space for strategic planning

Company retreats provide the perfect environment to get away from the normal workday and think ahead! Allotting specific blocks of time throughout your retreat for strategic planning is a great way to let your team explore new ideas and have time for discussion and planning.


3) Get out into nature

There's nothing more refreshing than being in the great outdoors! Being away from all the normal hustle and bustle, emails, notifications, and visual noise creates a great environment for creative thinking and a more productive atmosphere. Take a group hike or horseback ride and get out and enjoy the scenery, breath in that fresh air of the great outdoors, and come up with your next big idea!


4) Include group problem solving activities

Plan to include multiple problem solving activities throughout your company retreat. If you're staying near a National Park or large outdoor space try doing a massive scavenger hunt. This not only helps create opportunities for your team to think outside of the box and work together, but is a fun and easy way to get everyone involved!


5) Spend Quality Time Together

There's no better way to get to know your employees and co-workers than to spend quality time with them! Company retreats help build stronger relationships through shared experiences. It builds comradery, opens communication, and ultimately encourages a more enjoyable workplace environment.


6) Put it on the calendar

Book your company retreat annually, bi-annually, or quarterly and put it on the calendar. Build up the company retreat before hand. Make it a BIG DEAL because it is a big deal! Give your team something to look forward to on a regular basis. Recurring retreats help bring up fun stories from past company retreats which builds up the excitement!


company retreat cabin

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