3 Ways to Find the Best Deals at the 127 Corridor Sale

August will be here before you know it which means that the World’s Longest Yard Sale, also known as the 127 Corridor Sale, will be too! Over 690 miles of bargains await you as you make your trek between Addison, Michigan and Gadsden, Alabama.

Headquartered in the same county as Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat, this yard sale offers opportunities to socialize, travel, and shop all at the same time!

Check out these 3 ways you can get a great deal on treasures at the 127 Corridor Sale:

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1) Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate

At the center of every yard sale is the opportunity to haggle on pricing. Some sellers at the 127 Corridor Sale may expect you to offer a lower price than what is listed on the price tag. Negotiating can be difficult to do for some but remember that there is no harm in asking for a better price!

Be willing to negotiate with the seller and meet them halfway between your offer and their price.

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2) Use the Weather to Your Advantage

The 127 Corridor Sale is an annual four-day event that officially begins on the first Thursday of every August and goes through the following Sunday. This time of the year is conducive to hot dry weather but not every year sees blue skies all sale long. Use the weather to your advantage if you see a storm that will be coming through! Sellers may want to make a sale before having to cover up their items from a passing rainstorm.

Another option is to use the long lasting summer light to score a better deal. Shopping towards the end of the day may bring discounts after vendors have had a long day of negotiating and want to sell as much as possible before calling it a night.

boxes of used goods for sale

3) Group Items Together

Sellers at the 127 Corridor Sale are there for one reason: to sell their stuff! It is not uncommon to find multiple items that you like at one sale. Don’t be afraid to group the items together and ask for a package deal!

Sellers want to get rid of their merchandise and may be willing to discount a group of items in order to do so. Buying a large group of items is also helpful for sellers who won’t have to pack the items back home or deal with covering them up if bad weather arrives.

There are literally hundreds of miles of sales to check out at the 127 Corridor Sale! You never know what kinds of treasures await you!

Have any other tips to add? Share in the comments!