3 Essentials to Pack When Traveling with Kids

Escaping the city can be an exciting adventure that the entire family will enjoy! Getting your kids out into nature has proven to benefit not only their physical health but their mental health as well. However, planning a trip with the kiddos in tow can be a bit more challenging than before the little ones arrived.

Check out these 3 essentials to pack when traveling with kids on your next family trip:

kid's snack bag while on vacation

1. Plenty of Snacks

Everyone is happier with a snack in hand! Make sure to pack enough snacks for each day you’re traveling with children. Just like adults, kids will probably end up snacking more when traveling than they would on a typical day.

Pack easy items that are individually packaged or consider making your own snack bags. Finger foods are always a plus and remember to pack things that won’t stain or become too messy.

Also consider getting each child their own water bottle with a straw. This will make drinking less messy and will encourage your child to drink more and cut down on dehydration.

blowing dandelion seeds in nature while on a family vacation

2. Fun Activities

It’s always a great idea to pack enough activities to keep the kids engaged throughout your trip. Remember to keep it simple in order to cut down on stress. For example, consider grabbing a few new coloring books or travel games.

Plan some activities for when you reach your destination. Things like bubbles, jump ropes, and binoculars are all great, simple things to enjoy once you’re out of the car! If you’re staying at Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat make sure to download the Big South Fork Junior Booklet. Enjoy getting out into nature while letting your kids earn their badge and become a Junior Ranger!

girl playing in the mud on a river bank while on vacation

3. Extra Clothes

Adults tend to overpack when going on a trip but kids usually end up going through their entire suitcase at lightning speed! Make sure to pack extra clothes for your kiddos so that you aren’t stuck doing laundry while on vacation.

Staying at Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature, hunt for bugs, and play in the dirt. Pack extra underwear, socks, and play clothes as well as jackets and sweatshirts for those cooler nights.

Traveling with children can be stressful but it doesn't have to outweigh the special memories that are made while on vacation! Consider these 3 essentials to pack when traveling with your kids this year!