10 Essential Items for ATV Riding in Tennessee

It's no secret that the Cumberland Mountains that surround Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat provide some of the best and most famous ATV riding areas in the United States. From Brimestone Recreation and Blackhouse Mountain (near Pickett CCC Memorial State Park) to Ride Royal Blue, you cannot go wrong. These trails provide some of the most awe-inspiring views and experiences for ATV riders and nature lovers. Ride by stunning rock formations, natural bridges, caves, waterfalls, springs, and wildlife!

Anytime you go out riding it's always a good idea to be prepared for any situation that may arise. We want your southern ATV riding experience to be memorable and fun so we've put together these 10 Essential Items for ATV Riding in Tennessee:

Tire Repair Kit

1. Tire Repair Kit

Don't let a flat take you down! Bring along a tire repair kit that includes a tire plug kit, a miniature portable air compressor, and some type of tire sealant.

ATV recovery kit

2. Standard Recovery Kit

Getting "stuck" can be part of the fun! Just make sure you can keep things moving. Even if your ATV or SxS is equipped with a winch, it is always a good idea to include a tow rope, snatch blocks, D-ring shackles, some tree straps, and safety gloves.

bottled water

3. Water

You can never have enough water! When heading out on the trails always make sure you pack plenty of bottled water in your cooler. It's also a good idea to keep a portable water purifier straw in your emergency pack just in case you run out of clean water.

taking a photo of nature on smart phone

4. Cell Phone

Honestly, who really leaves home without their smart phone these days? Pack your cell phone or smart phone in a water proof bag or box in case you need to call for help. Use your phone's camera to take some pictures of that awesome scenery while you're at it!

gps device

5. GPS

No one wants to get lost! Most ATV or SxS vehicles today have at least one auxiliary DC plug, so why not bring the GPS and track your ride just in case. You can also use your GPS on your smart phone if needed!

beef jerky

6. Snack Food

There's always time for a snack break! Pack up some tasty goodies such as trail mix, granola bars, beef jerky, and other various on-to-go snacks. If you plan on being gone all day, pack up some sandwiches too!

portable jump box

7. Portable Jump Box

Power up! With most modern day rides being electric start (and not having any back up way of starting the vehicle, like a kick start or pull start) a portable jump box is a must-have item on the trails.

first aid kit

8. First Aid Kit

Got a boo-boo? Your first aid kit should include bandages, alcohol prep pads, cotton balls, gauze pads, tape, large trauma pads, gloves, cleansing wipes, sting relief pads, compass, mylar blanket, whistle, knife, scissors, tweezers, sewing kit, safety pins, glow sticks, and a flash light.

gas can

9. Extra Gasoline

Keep the fun going! Carrying extra gasoline will not only eliminate the worry of running out of gas, but will extend your ride so you can explore more and play longer!

portable socket set

10. Tools

Righty tighty, lefty loosy! Bring along some basic tools so you can troubleshoot any mechanical issues that may come up. Your tool bag should include items like screw drivers, allen wrench sets, sockets, and even an extra spark plug for your ride.


Do you have any must-have items you would add to this list? Please share!