5 Reasons to Bring Your Dog on Vacation

Finding doggy care while you are on vacation can be a big headache. Not only does it take time and cost a lot of money, but it also means that you’ll be without your beloved furry friend.

Taking your dog along with you on vacation can actually enhance your time away. Check out these 5 reasons to bring your dog on your next vacation:

small dog waiting to go on a hike

1. Get Some Exercise

It’s easy to indulge while on vacation. Bringing your dog along with you encourages you to take walks and even go on a hike to help burn off some energy. Daily walks also allow you to explore your surroundings and see new things that you may have missed without a dog.

dog sitting with owner while on vacation

2. Have a Companion

You may not always have a friend or family member to vacation with. However, getting out of your normal environment may be exactly what you need before a long work week. Consider bringing your dog along to keep you company while you relax.

dog on lookout to keep owner safe

3. Help You Feel Safe

While many vacation spots are quite safe, it can sometimes be hard to let your guard down in new surroundings. Having your dog with you can help alert you to any newcomers or potential threats that you may encounter along the way. At the very least, their presence can make you more comfortable so you can enjoy your vacation.

dog looking out while on vacation with owner

4. Maintain Unique Care

Some dogs require special medication or food regimens. Bringing your dog along will ensure your dog feels comfortable and stays on track so you both can relax and enjoy your vacation stress-free.

Finding a place that allows pets can be hard, but Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat makes that part easy. We love animals and gladly welcome guests with dogs! All of our cabins (with the exception of Pointe View Lodge) are dog-friendly and waiting for you to enjoy. Check availability today and we’ll see you and your best friend soon! 🐾

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